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About PdCure.org

PdCure.org seeks to provide an information portal for patients with Parkinson's, care givers and medical professionals to share and instigate treatments and cure development for the neurologically degenerative disease. Neurologists treating Parkinson's patients have limited time to evaluate one's condition and thus prescribe drugs to alleviate symptoms but do not necessarily have time to educate the patient about their condition and their full suite of options. Current state-of-the-art treatments are personalized to a patient's genetic predispositions so that optimum outcomes can be engineered (doctors typically don't have time for this). This website covers genetics and personal tailoring. Rarely do doctors try and determine the root causes of "idiopathic" (non-genetic) Parkinson's or to test a patient to find them. This website seeks to help those with Parkinson's investigate their own version of this ailment and treatments. This site recognizes the importance of substantiating statements and claims with references and does so often.

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