Providing resources and ideas for therapies and medical developments for Parkinson's disease:


Parkinson's Disease Resources and Links:

The following are links to resources to help those with Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson's Research Foundations and Charities:

Neurological DIseases Charities:

Educational Academies:

Organizations, Information, News and Help:

Support Groups:

  • Parkinson's Helpline 1-800-4PD-INFO (1-800-473-4636) to find a support group near you.
  • Well Connected - A virtual community that offers phone and online activities that build community through group conversations, games, and education.


Scientific and Research Resources:

Parkinson's Research Centers:

Publications, Journals and Magazines:

Aggregation and search sites for Publications, Journals and Magazines:

  • NIH: NCBI - National Institute of Health: National Center for Biotechnology Information
    • NIH: PMC - National Institute of Health: US National Library of Medicine
  • Science Direct - search and access portal for research papers
  • Sci-Hub - Open access to research papers typically paywalled by publishers
  • DOI.org - Digital Object Identifier registration/look-up for research papers


A Prescription for Action, Ending Parkinson's Disease
by Ray Dorsey MD, Todd Sherer PhD, et al. | Mar 17, 2020

ISBN-13: 978-1541724525

Written by four leading doctors and advocates offer a bold action plan to prevent, care for, and treat Parkinson's disease-one of the great health challenges of our time. The book associates the growing global use of neurotoxins and the rise of Parkinson's disease and makes a call to action to rid the planet of its root causes.

Ending Parkinson's Disease book website

New York Times Health Commentary and Book Review

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