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Alpha-Synuclein Models:

  • StressMarq Biosciences: Alpha Synuclein Pre-formed Fibrils and Monomers
    StressMarq manufactures active proteins and antibodies for PD research. This includes active alpha synuclein pre-formed fibrils (PFFs) that can induce endogenous alpha synuclein phosphorylation and Lewy body formation in neuronal cell culture or for in vitro oligomerization studies. These fibrils seed the formation of new fibrils from active alpha synuclein monomers. Stabilized oligomers are also available, and can induce toxicity in cell models. Also available: A53T mutation Alpha-Synuclein monomers and PFFs. Support products for Alpha-Synuclein protocols.
  • rPeptide: Alpha Synuclein Preformed Fibrils
    These preformed fibrils of α-synuclein may be used as a model for the pathogenic form of α-synuclein in numerous neuropathies. Sourced from E. coli, α-synuclein fibrils were prepared and confirmed by thioflavin assay and electron microscopy.
Laboratory equipment

Mouse Models:

National Institutes of Health Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals (pdf)
Laboratory mouse

Software Models and Resources:

Alpha-synuclein protein 6PEO
Protein Database: Cryo-EM structure of alpha-synuclein H50Q Narrow Fibril

Measurment Equipment:

Lab measurement equipment